Leakage problem of refrigeration Y-type copper tee in air conditioner

2022-09-08 16:00

Common air-conditioning Y-type three-way copper pipe leakage problems are as follows:

1. Self-problem

(1) Severe scratches.

(2) The copper pipe has large inclusions, non-metallic slag, metal inclusions or press-in objects.

(3) The high oxygen content is heated in a reducing atmosphere to produce hydrogen embrittlement.

2. Defects caused by copper pipe processing

(1) Micro-cracks in the elbow at the Y-shaped copper tee elbow.

(2) Sharp and hard objects puncture the copper pipe during processing.

(3) Defects caused by air-conditioning Y-shaped three-way brazing: virtual welding; dissolution perforation; copper pipe over-burning perforation; aluminum fins on the copper pipe are melted by flame to cause the copper pipe to form an annular crack.

(4) Assembly stress + vibration stress causes fatigue cracks in the connecting pipe connected to the compressor.

(5) Ant holes corrode holes and leak.

When welding red copper pipes for air-conditioning, it is necessary to use refrigerant and leak tester to check the bends of the red copper pipes and the welding position of the Y-shaped tee. The defects of the copper pipe itself and improper welding are caused by The main reason for leakage is that the copper tube needs to be expanded and bent during the heat exchanger processing, which aggravates the failure of the pipeline. After use, corrosion is likely to occur in the refrigerant test, resulting in leakage. Therefore, in the production process, the manufacturer should strengthen the inspection of copper pipe defects, raise the standard, and ensure the service life.

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