Chemical cleaning method of copper tube fouling

2022-09-08 15:58

With the progress of science and technology, chemical washing technology has been developed rapidly, especially in recent years, the chemical washing technology of condenser has become mature. However, different systems have different characteristics. The chemical cleaning of the circulating water system can usually be divided into the chemical cleaning before the system starts up and the chemical cleaning during the operation. The purpose is to remove the fouling in the system. , Corrosion products, biological slime, improve the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the circulating water system.

Chemical washing is to add descaling agents, acids, enzymes, etc. to the fluid to reduce the bonding force between the dirt and the heat exchange surface and make it peel off from the heat exchange surface.

The current chemical washing methods are as follows: ① Circulation method: use a pump to force the washing liquid to circulate for washing. ②Dipping method: Fill the equipment with the lotion and let it stand for a period of time. ③Surge method: Fill the equipment with the washing liquid, discharge a part of the washing liquid from the bottom at regular intervals, and then load the discharged liquid back into the equipment to achieve the purpose of stirring and cleaning.

At present, the chemical cleaning of condenser copper pipe fouling is mainly based on acid cleaning.

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