Ultrasonic-wave Cleaning Equipment ---the Second Generation Self-developed Machine

No damage on products

High efficiency

Zero waste discharge

Sewage disposal & water recycling system

With the pursuit of higher quality, higher efficiency and more environmental friendly, we self-developed the second generation ultrasonic-wave machine 

for product cleaning. It is significant for our daily production, it has greatly improved efficiency and there is no collision among pipes so that without 

damage during piping cleaning. 

What's more, environment protection policy is stricter and stricter in China, many factories were closed down due to inconformity with government 

regulations. Development of sewage disposal system in our company dated back in 2015, government started to improve industrial and civil waste 

discharge. Since 2015, we increased investment in environmental protection, accomplished building related equipment and systems in 2016 and already 

put them into use. 

With the second generation of ultrasonic cleaning machine along with sewage disposal and water recycling system , we drastically reduces water 

consumption and are able to eliminate sewer discharge, ZERO WASTE DISCHARGE became achievable. 

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